The Spann and Peterson Family: United Together Forever
The Spann and Peterson Family: United Together Forever

George Spann and Lizzie Tate Genealogy
           George Spann and Lizzie Tate-Spann had 15 children listed below
(George and Lizzie's grandchildren will soon be listed on this page)
Jim Spann (Married Elnora Peterson)
Will (Buddy) Spann
Minnie Lee Spann
Clem (CT) Spann
Henry (Son) Spann
George (Little Man) Spann
Janie Spann (co-founder of family reunion)
(Married Samuel Peterson)
Alberta Spann
Lueberta Spann
Lizzie (Sis) Spann
Artie Spann
Emma Spann
Bina Spann
Corine Spann
Ishiah Spann
George and Lizzie’s 7th child, Janie Spann, married Samuel Peterson and in 1973 started the first annual Peterson-Spann Family Reunion held at their home in Birmingham Alabama.
NOTE: The Peterson-Spann Family Reunion Committee has completed the Peterson Geneology back to 1860. Our committee is currently in the process of doing the fact finding necessary to create a detailed Spann Geneology with dates. Upon completion of our research everyone will then have a detailed geneology of Petersons and Spanns.

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