Below is a list of the people who've RSVP'd for the 2019 Peterson-Spann Family Reunion in Cincinnati.
Guest RSVP'd
Chassidy Turner
Constant Turner
Dominic Anderson
Whittney Sherman
Jackie Turner
Aleena Peterson
Alexander Peterson
Maliyah Peterson
Meilani Peterson
Natalia Peterson
Morris Peterson III
Morris Peterson Jr.
Chandra Turner
Corey Carter
Barika Hamilton (McNeal)
Ron Hamilton
Shawn Graham (Graham)
Connie Couch (Peterson)
Robert Malone
Delancey Payne
Booker Peterson
Courtney Day (Darlene Peterson)
Uyland Guess
Jackie Polk (Peterson)
Jeffrey Peterson
Jewel Williams (Moore)
Gregory Henderson
James Lofton
Kenrerx Moore
Norma Moore (Spann)
Scotia Moore (Moore)
Trenell Carter
Kotrina Peterson (Peterson)
Aiden Davis
Logan Davis
Kecia Spencer
Michelle Cruz
Kitty Curry
Chantay Luster
Kenneth Luster
Kenneth Luster Jr.
Sylvia Farmer
Ronald Farmer
Judy Peterson
Anthony Peterson
Cherri Davis (White)
Jesse Davis
Julia Miles-Davis
Marcell Billups
Carmen Ellington (Ellington)
Timothy Farmer
Mary Farmer (Mary Brown)
R. L. Farmer
Cecilia Peterson (Peterson)
Diane McFarland (McFarland)
Chandler Douglas
Eddie Marshall III
Darlene Guess (Petetson)
Jo Ann Peterson (Harrison)
Willie Peterson
Myron Peterson
Patricia Peterson (denison)
Terrance Peterson
Myron Peterson Ll
Mabel Peterson (Ward)
Shirley Chandler
Lashonda Chandler
Lessie Cole
Leon Chandler
Eddie Marshall II
Donald Dixon Jr
Jasmine Peterson
Justise-Monroe Hamilton
Ronald Hamilton Jr
Barika Hamilton
Ronald Hamilton Sr
Brandon Peterson
Brenda Peterson
Jerome Peterson
Raquel Malone
Raphael Murphy
RJ Murphy
Aubrey Murphy
Ebony Peterson
Joanne Smith (Peterson)
Breauna Peterson
Jaiden Averyheart
Joshua Averyheart
Jerry Marshall
Veronica Marshall (Chandler)
Jerry Marshall Jr.
Antionette Strayhorn
Rickell Strayhorn
Sonya R Wiggins-Peterson
Luther J Peterson Jr
ZaKari Moore
Bessie Miller
KyEsha Jones
Paul Joned
Kim Jones (Chandler)
Marilyn Carter (Marshall)
Claude Peterson
Joseph Peterson
Jewel Peterson
Alonzo Brown
Carmen Ellington (Ramsey)
John A. Brown
Total 108